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Dover Varsity Invitational Results


Outstanding Wrestler

Tim French (125)


Team Scores


Place School Score
1st Dover 278
2nd Minerva 255
3rd Indian Valley 209
4th Canton McKinley 199
5th Chardon 163
6th Newcomerstown 155
7th Marlington 151
8th Warren JFK 119
9th Jefferson Area  106
10th Coshocton 61


Individual Results



Place Wrestler School
1st Donnovan Collier Minerva
2nd Marcus Chester Canton McKinley
3rd Jordan Meese Dover
4th Scott Martin Newcomerstown
5th N/A N/A
6th N/A N/A




Place Wrestler School
1st Zach Moser Dover
2nd Kyle Karten Newcomerstown
3rd Tyler McKenzie Indian Valley
4th Kenny Phillips Minerva
5th Teddy Seery Canton McKinley
6th Anthony Altobelli Warren JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Nic Albaugh Minerva
2nd Shaun Yackey Dover
3rd Mike Chittum Canton McKinley
4th Alex Hallman Marlington
5th Jamie Leslie Indian Valley
6th Norman Van Alystyne Coshocton




Place Wrestler School
1st Tim French Minerva
2nd Kyle Sammens Marlington
3rd Cody Kovach Chardon
4th Wes Morris Coshocton
5th Blake Bitticker Dover
6th Josh Lafferty Newcomerstown




Place Wrestler School
1st Lance Melnichenko Indian Valley
2nd Drew Johnson Minerva
3rd Zach Kimble Dover
4th Jon Wright  Canton McKinley
5th Ryan McCartney Chardon
6th Jack Martis Newcomerstown




Place Wrestler School
1st Shannon Bennington  Newcomerstown
2nd Troy Parker Canton McKinley
3rd Mitchell Burcher Indian Valley
4th A.J. French Minerva
5th John Ashley Jefferson Area
6th Mike Walton  Warren JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Dan Rennicker Indian Valley
2nd Steve Karaffa Chardon
3rd A.J. Komaromy Dover
4th John Mesko Marlington
5th Chris Potts Jefferson Area
6th Ron Burnsworth Canton Mckinley




Place Wrestler School
1st Erik Bergmann Marlington
2nd Robert Murphy CantonMcKinley
3rd Lukas Phillips Dover
4th Brandon Hupp Indian Valley
5th Aaron Hendrickson Chardon
6th Rocky Mitolo Warren JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Paul Welch Newcomerstown
2nd Chris Ruegsegger Dover
3rd Josh Weisel Marlington
4th Quinn Carrico Indian Valley
5th Chris Whitton Chardon
6th Kevin Barton Warren JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Adam Hendrickson Chardon
2nd Marcus Schott Marlington
3rd Brian Burtscher Dover
4th Aaron Best Canton McKinley
5th Brett Book Newcomerstown
6th Scott Steinbech Minerva




Place Wrestler School
1st Chris Hahn Minerva
2nd Hernides Stevenson Canton McKinley
3rd Jeff Moore Jefferson Area
4th Andy Lahmers  Indian Valley
5th Jon Therian Chardon
6th Phil DeCapito Warren JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Matt Smith Chardon
2nd Drew Yackey Dover
3rd Bobby Poweski Warren JFK
4th Jesse Brickles Coshocton
5th Kyle Little  Newcomerstown
6th Lucas Sullivan Indian Valley




Place Wrestler School
1st Joe Ellwood Indian Valley
2nd Aaron Stroup Dover
3rd Nick Aliff Jefferson Area
4th A.J. Seifert Warren JFK
5th Kyle Walsh Chardon
6th Jacob Sabatin Minerva




Place Wrestler School
1st Matt Kishman Minerva
2nd Jeff McIntire Newcomerstown
3rd Chauncey Incarnato Dover
4th Joshua Wessell Jefferson Area
5th Byron Arena Canton McKinley
6th Chris Knorr Warren JFK