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Dover Varsity Invitational Results


Outstanding Wrestler

Billy Wilson (145)


Team Scores


Place School Score
1st Dover 336
2nd Coventry 226
3rd Indian Valley 198
4th Minerva 195
5th Chardon 174
6th Canton McKinley 164
7th Marlington 160
8th Newcomerstown 123
9th Coshocton 90
10th Warren JFK 63


Individual Results



Place Wrestler School
1st Zach Moser Dover
2nd Dan Leonhardt Coventry
3rd Donovan Collier Minerva
4th Dustin Haney McKinley
5th Alex Hallman Marlinton
6th Josh Lisher Coshocton




Place Wrestler School
1st Nic Albaugh Minerva
2nd Billy Bartz Dover
3rd Kyle Sammons Marlington
4th Tyler McKenzie Indian Valley
5th Sara Muster Coventry
6th Chad Kabacinski Coshocton




Place Wrestler School
1st Tim French Minerva
2nd Drew Braun Indian Valley
3rd Matt Rhodes  Dover
4th Jordan Yaros Coventry
5th Nate Bergert Marlington
6th Josh Lafferty  Newcomerstown




Place Wrestler School
1st Drew Johnson Minerva
2nd Dan Yaros Coventry
3rd Brinton McIntosh Marlington
4th Blake Bitticker Dover
5th Jon Wright McKinley
6th Mitchell Burtcher Indian Valley




Place Wrestler School
1st Fred Wallace Marlington
2nd Troy Parker McKinley
3rd David Bodnar Coventry
4th Mike Karaffa Chardon
5th Zach Kimble Dover
6th Mike Cady Indian Valley




Place Wrestler School
1st Shannon Bennington Newcomerstown
2nd Troy Shreiner Dover
3rd Matt Anthony Indian Valley
4th Nick Kapitanec  Chardon
5th Noland Woodbury Coventry
6th Ron Burnworth  McKinley




Place Wrestler School
1st Paul Welch Newcomerstown
2nd Ryan Phillips Dover
3rd Dan Rennicker Indian Valley
4th Steve Karaffa Chardon
5th Marcus Schott Marlington
6th Jason Smith McKinley




Place Wrestler School
1st Billy Wilson Dover
2nd Brent Hilliard Minerva
3rd Ron Roseberry Coventry
4th Willie Meyer Indian Valley
5th Nate Clifford McKinley
6th Fazier Lee Chardon




Place Wrestler School
1st Chris Pearch Indian Valley
2nd Ray Truex Newcomerstown
3rd Rodnet Hahn Coventry
4th Lukas Phillips Dover
5th Eric Bergman Marlington
6th Adam Hendrickson  Chardon




Place Wrestler School
1st Chris Hahn Minerva
2nd Kyle Sparks Dover
3rd Kemp Nolan  Coshocton
4th Nathaniel Malise Chardon
5th Hernides Stevenson McKinley
6th Mike Huebner Indian Valley




Place Wrestler School
1st Adam Whitlach Dover
2nd Bobby Poweski JFK
3rd Chris Osborn Coventry
4th Jim Cramer Chardon
5th Rocky Moretta McKinley
6th Andy Lahmers Indian Valley




Place Wrestler School
1st Davis Willis Coventry
2nd Drew Yackey Dover
3rd Kyle Walsh Chardon
4th David Kerns McKinley
5th Ray Trasker Marlington
6th Jesse Brickles Coshocton




Place Wrestler School
1st Doori Song Coshocton
2nd David Dieter Dover
3rd Joe Ellwood Indian Valley
4th Gary Smith McKinley
5th Chris McKulsia Chardon
6th A.J. Sifert JFK




Place Wrestler School
1st Matt Arnold Chardon
2nd Aaron Stroup Dover
3rd Jeff McIntire Newcomerstown
4th Brian Burnett Coventry
5th Paul Reikowski McKinley
6th T.J. Cotterman Marlington